About Us

GHG Protocol Experts

Our team includes offset protocol experts specialized in the development and monitoring of voluntary and compliance standards used in domestic and international offset markets. The Quality Carbon Standard is the product of an unbiased collaboration of these contributors.

Professional Foresters

The bulk of US compliance offsets issued to-date have been credited from forest projects. Our team of professional foresters includes several of the most knowledgeable forest carbon experts in the country with direct experience in the development of forest offset projects. We rely on these independent experts to provide a conflict-free evaluation of the quality of offset credits approved by public agencies.


Environmental Justice Advocates

Emission offsets must be closely monitored to ensure they are real and not just crediting business-as-usual. Any non-additional credit effectively forces disadvantages communities living near emission sources to cope with GHG pollution while emitters avoid paying the full price of allowances and contributing to the State GHG Reduction Fund. The Quality Carbon Registry places the fair and equitable treatment of all peoples as a primary concern in the implementation of market based GHG programs.